Anonymous: you're beautiful, more of your photos please 

I’m not maddie

Anonymous: She posted a make up tutorial long time ago. Do you have that picture by any chance? Thank you!xo 

No sorry /:

"I purely do my makeup for the sole fact that I love to apply it. It’s fun, it’s something I am good at and it genuinely makes me happier. I feel no need to justify the reason behind it, but I feel I am always getting so much negativity because of it. I hope that others don’t feel scared to express themselves whether it’s how you do your makeup or hair or the clothes you wear. Don’t ever feel to need to be sorry for your appearance screw the people who judge a book by it’s cover. They don’t belongs in your life anyways."
- Maddie carina
ilyscorpion: What's maddie's snapchat 

Think it’s maddiecarina